You need a safe?

We carry a full line of home and commercial security safes for all purposes at extremely competitive pricing.

All of our models feature superior construction and do not require any maintenance or special care. We carry the very best brands in the industry such as, American Security Products Co (AMSEC), Browning, Cannon Safe, Eclipse Safe Co, Fort Knox Security Products, Gun Vault, Liberty Safes, National Security, V-line, Homak, Honeywell, Inkas, Original, Secure Logic, Sentry Safe Co, Stack On, and Winchester Gun Safes.

Our certified locksmith technicians will help you choose the perfect safe for your specific requirements.

Our Safes:

  • Guns Safes (for a variety of gun types and sizes): residential security container (RSC) rated for optimal steel body and door thickness and re-locking device locations to help prevent punching and the complete removal of the lock.
  • Safes with United Laboratories (UL) listed locks which are capable of at least 10,000 combinations for optimal security.
  • Jewelry Safes: standard models and those with velvet interiors for a smooth surface that protects your jewelry and collectable items against damage and scratches
  • High-security safes: Rated to meet business insurance requirements (e.g. TL-15 and TRTL 60×6)
  • Wall Safes: Provide added security through the ability to completely hide them from view (includes options for key operated and deep fire-rated wall safes)
  • Floor Safes: Increased security through disguise, concrete or reinforced encasement with just one possible side for entry
  • Depository Safes (drop safes or hopper safes): Designed to meet business security ratings and provide flexible withdrawal control options.
  • Vault Doors: Convert an entire room into a completely secure zone for high-quantity and large-item security needs.
  • Fire Safes: Keep important documents and irreplaceable items completely protected against intense fire and heat; flexible placement options.
  • Biometric Safes: Cutting-edge technology uses uniquely recognizing physical human traits, including fingerprint and retinal scanners
  • Home Safes
  • Office Safes

We carry a full line of safes for all of your personal and commercial needs.

We also carry a wide variety of safe accessories such as dehumidifiers, gun socks or sack-ups, pistol holders, interior cabinets, battery operated lights, pistol racks and more. We don’t just provide you with a high-quality safe and leave; we make sure you know exactly how to use it. We will provide you with safety tips and advice to help you get the most out of your safe. You can count on us for ongoing support.

We have learned through long experience that the right security method creates the feeling of safety and security that you need in your own house. Let Guardian Angel Locksmith help you and you will find the peace of mind that you are looking for. Safes should be sold by professional locksmith shops such as our own .

The safe would be delivered, installed and looked after by this local company and the world turned happily on its axis.

Guardian Angel Locksmith provide consultation service with comprehensive preventative solutions at any time