Emergency Exit Devices by Guardian Angel Locksmith

Emergency exit devices are mandatory for most businesses and residential buildings in Los Angeles. Also called panic doors or panic bars, these devices serve a primary function, to allow a quick and simple exit to anyone inside a secured area, while keeping unauthorized persons out of this area. These emergency exit devices have to be sturdy enough to withstand pressure yet function smoothly and properly. That is why Guardian Angel Locksmith proposes the best emergency exit devices, levers and systems. We insist on proper installation, on the best possible security door. Making sure you’ll be able to exit in an emergency and keep out whoever should stay out.

Locksmith Emergency Exit Devices M.S.P.B. Exit Device Exit Devices by Guardian Angel Locksmith 818-652-5269

The MSPB is a low cost, electronic, micro switch panic bar. This model is designed to operate with an electromagnetic lock (not included). When pressure is applied to the push pad, the internal mechanical micro switch immediately releases the electromagnetic lock at the top of the door, making it perfect for high security or heavy duty doors.

Arm•A•Dor™ Exit Devices Exit Devices by Guardian Angel Locksmith 818-652-5269

This series of panic exit devices are designed to hold up to the prying, wedging, hammering, and pulling efforts of a determined burglar. It’s also made to stand up to the harsh treatment administered by employees in the course of their normal activities. This is the best “back door” solution when daily abuse and the threat of break-ins are a big issue.

Green Break Glass Exit Devices by Guardian Angel Locksmith 818-652-5269

Two new types of Emergency Exit Releases have been introduced to the category. The first, “Break Glass” device includes the traditional break/replaceable glass cover and the other is just a resettable unit. Both are supplied with a test key to ensure simplicity in selection. Both products come with double pole contacts, further simplifying selection. These units should always be fitted on the secured side of the emergency exit doors, whenever a failsafe (power locked) locking device is installed.