Exit Alarms & Panic Devices


Exit Alarms
This is an item commonly used by businesses such as retail stores and restaurants. It allows emergency exit in case of fire, but prevents customers (and employees) from exiting the building except through designated doors during other times. Look around, wherever you see the words “Emergency exit only, alarm will sound” you have encountered an exit alarm. This is used in locations where locking a door would violate fire code, but leaving it unsecured would breach security. Exit alarm products are available either with or without locking devices included.

Panic Devices
This refers to an entire class of products made for public areas. These are often required by fire inspectors in locations where groups of people are meant to gather. These are only installed on out-swinging doors, and must open freely when anyone presses against the door. They can include exit alarms. Some people might call them “crash bars.” There are many issues to consider when selecting and installing panic devices. These include whether the door is used frequently or virtually never; whether the door is insulated as a fire and heat barrier (a fire door); and whether access from outside is needed. The height of the installation and type of device required is also regulated. A professional locksmith should be familiar with local requirements and can select and install the right product to protect your property and ensure the safety of all guests.

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