The lock industry defines a high security lock cylinder as: a cylinder which offers a greater degree of resistance to any or all of the following: picking, bumping, impressions, key duplication, drilling or other forms of forcible entry.

The secrets of operation, picking, bumping and making an impression of pin tumbler cylinders are not really secrets any more. You can find detailed instructions for the above defeat techniques easily on the internet.

While some pin tumbler cylinders have the capability of at least 100,000 different combinations, only around 3,000 or so are actually used by most lock manufacturers for the keyed locks you can buy off the shelf. Since a particular brand of lock is usually very popular in a particular geographic area and the population usually exceeds 3,000…Yes, most likely there are at least two houses or more that have the same key.

There are 3 grades of locks:
Grade 1 – Commercial – Industrial
Grade 2 – Heavy duty residential / light duty commercial
Grade 3 – Residential only / consumer expendable (ie; “throw-away” locks)

Most residences have ordinary security locks such as Kwikset®, Weiser®, Weslock®, Dexter®, EZ-Set®, etc.
Even such honored brands as Schlage®, Corbin®, Russwin®, Baldwin® and others, are usually equipped with “ordinary security” cylinders – even in their grade 2 and grade 1 offerings.

High security cylinders are made to be “virtually” pick-proof and usually have hardened steel inserts in them to help prevent physical attack by drilling. There are a variety of types of high security cylinders made by several different companies. Some of the better known ones are M-T-L®, Medeco®, and Schlage Primus®.

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